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10 Tips on Favorable Buy of Air Tickets from Europe to Anywhere in the World

1. Always use more than one web-service for your search. Here’s my list:      a)       b)       c)       d) (czech language)   […]

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Sri Lanka. Six days, rushing around the island like a crazy squirrel: by bus, by train, and 500km by a tuk-tuk.

So, what was it like? April 6, 2016 It was an ordinary Wednesday morning in Prague. As I woke up, I was busy with my usual everyday life things – fixing breakfast, getting my kids […]

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Iceland. 11 Crazy Days. Heat, Cold, Ice, Water, Fire, and an Albert Einstein Train

Going to Iceland was a totally impulsive decision that I’ve made. July 02, 2016. Start. 9 p.m. After I came back home from Ukraine to Prague submerged in heat, and finished doing all my work […]

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Costa Rica. 9 days: Jungles, Animals, Volcanos, and the Ocean.

Preamble By tradition, I’ll start with a couple of words about how this idea came to me, and how I bought the tickets. Costa Rica was among my plans since last summer. So, after my […]

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Tibetan Cham dance (video)

Cham is a unique ritual dance of Himalayan countries (Tibet, Bhutan, India, Nepal). This ancient mask dance is danced by Buddhist monks. The first Cham performance occurred around 760-770 AD by the Indian saint Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche) who […]

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Dance&Song of Lesotho women (video)

Folk art (song, music and dance) women from a small mountain village in the Kingdom of Lesotho. Africa. November, 2015. Alina Ushcheka Photographs from Lesoto trip. (click here)

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Kids of Lesotho

  Perhaps some of these photos would be revolting for you and you’d feel like closing this page and cut yourself off from the reality you’ve seen and make you think something like “I have […]

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