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Sri Lanka. Six days, rushing around the island like a crazy squirrel: by bus, by train, and 500km by a tuk-tuk.

So, what was it like? April 6, 2016 It was an ordinary Wednesday morning in Prague. As I woke up, I was busy with my usual everyday life things – fixing breakfast, getting my kids […]

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Iceland. 11 Crazy Days. Heat, Cold, Ice, Water, Fire, and an Albert Einstein Train

Going to Iceland was a totally impulsive decision that I’ve made. July 02, 2016. Start. 9 p.m. After I came back home from Ukraine to Prague submerged in heat, and finished doing all my work […]

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Costa Rica. 9 days: Jungles, Animals, Volcanos, and the Ocean.

Preamble By tradition, I’ll start with a couple of words about how this idea came to me, and how I bought the tickets. Costa Rica was among my plans since last summer. So, after my […]

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