Alina Ushcheka

Professional Humanitarian Photographer and

author of social projects, known internationally

( 7 world exhibitions, silver FIAP, winner of the photo contests).

Behind Alina the huge interesting and sometimes not easy life experience, 50 countries, 2 wars. 

She is best known as a Professional

PORTRAIT and NATURE photographer. 

Since March 2022, she based with her 3 children in Constance, Germany. 




Many of us live our lives sticking to some plans. We follow tenets and goals prescribes by the society, and we believe things are stable and will ensure our perfect future.


Before 2012, I also used to live this well-planned life where things seemed stable and perfect. I graduated from the university and got my master’s degree – it was so important, my parents had been persuading me since my childhood. Well, not that important, actually, as my life after graduation demonstrated. Before I reached my 5th year of the university, I had already realized that I was bored by the profession I’d chosen. Besides, compared to opening my own business, pure work in the sphere of my profession would have never resulted in similar earnings in Ukraine.


Then I got married, and we were supposed to live happily ever after, since we planned to have a large and beautiful house and 5 kids... Ten years later, however, my marriage and all my pictures of my ideal family failed spectacularly. I realized I was not feeling satisfied with my life, despite my two children, a house, two babysitters, a car, and my own business. I was lost. How is that possible? I have reached so many goals! And then it occurred to me: I did reach the goals, but they occurred to be not mine. They were not my real inner goals.


Usually, the most terrible thing for anyone is to go beyond his/her comfort zone and to jump into Something unknown but holding some tremendous potential and possibilities for personal development.

So, it happened that in 2014, together with my two little kids and three suitcases, I went to Prague as a tourist, and a month later, a war started in my hometown. Further terrified, I was watching all the seemingly stabile situation ruined in an eyewink: losing my house, my business, all the material things.


And here I am, with two little children and in a totally new environment: a new country, new mentality, and new language around. And I have absolutely no idea what to do and what the next step is. What is going on? I fall into depression. And I started looking for myself and my true identity. Who am I? What do I really want? What makes me happy and satisfied? Why am I here at all? And where is this feeling of joy of life and freedom????


As a result, in 2015, I went to the Azores – my first absolutely independent self-guided tour. Just me, my camera, and a lot of questions in my head with no answers to them. Lots of mental garbage disappeared from my head during my stay on the islands. Then followed my trip to South Africa and Lesotho, which totally changed my view on life. A small mountain village with no electricity, water supply, and communications, along with its wonderful and friendly dwellers with their deep thoughtful eyes and happy smiles. Then I traveled to other places. And I began to reveal this in my pictures. As if the Universe itself has shown me the way, and the beauty of the world could be reflected in the photos.


In every part of the world, I could see something deeply beautiful in nature, in people, and in life, which is often hidden from our vision by our ego and by our disturbed minds.


After my first trip, I felt a certain desire to depict the beauty of the female body and delicate human substance in the photos. This is how another favorite genre of my artwork appeared, Women's Black & White Photo.


Since 2016, my photo artwork earned worldwide acknowledgment. Exhibitions, contest-winning, invitations to different art projects…


But I still prefer going on journeys alone. Feeling through the atmosphere of a new place, observing something unusual and attractive, and sharing this with the world.

This is where I find pleasure, joy, freedom, contentment, and abundant life!